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Red Herring Is A Dish Best Served Cold.

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Pat Rabbitte’s been on the radio harrumphing about water protests, sure that’s what you do when it’s not an election. Pat was on Morning Ireland laughing at the idea that Irish Water would ever be privatised: “So, there is no danger, it’s an entire red herring about privatisation of water services. There won’t be any privatisation of water services. No Government with its head screwed on would seek to privatise something … Read More

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Holidays And Other People’s Misery.

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Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has written to the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny asking him to recall the Dáil to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the response of the Irish Government.   Two chances Gerry. Here’s what he wrote: “Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Irish towns and cities in recent days to express their outrage at the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian men, … Read More

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Should You Pay As You Go?

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Following reports in the media over the weekend that Pat Rabbitte was requesting the Dept. of Social Destruction install ‘pay-as-you-go’ electricity meters in people’s homes that are struggling with debt, we saw some replies that they were a good idea. We also received some responses from people who had used them in the past or abroad and were under the impression that they end up costing more, which is hardly … Read More

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50 Euro And All The Spuds You Can Eat.

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Every day another name off the live register. This is one of four farm labourer ‘internships’ on the JobBridge site today. Shameless stuff from this government. Must have a drivers licence, be willing to work well with others, work on their own initiative, Some heavy lifting involved. Boiled, mashed and half-baked. (hat-tip to

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Juking The Stats 2

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Above: A photograph of some urban dereliction by Paul Reynolds. Minister Jan O’Sullivan’ Housing Assistance Payment Bill will remove people receiving rent assistance from the housing waiting list. SF TD Dessie Ellis outlined the implications of removing tens of thousands (many of whom have been on it for over a decade) from the housing list. ‘This means they will find it almost impossible to get a council house, to buy … Read More

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TTIP Don’t Believe The Hype.

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  The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership could be the most destructive, and most secretive, legislation that nobody’s talking about. Cillian Doyle breaks it down for us. If I was to ask you about the TTIP negotiations, would it ring any bells? Probably not. The legislative process of the European Commission isn’t the sexiest of subjects. But we need to understand what the Commission does, as it’s the only one with the … Read More

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What We Learned Today.

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Newly minted TD Ruth Coppinger got under the skin of Labour’s Jan O’Sullivan big time today. Coppinger had the audacity to pull O’Sullivan up on how changes to rent allowance provision leave people vulnerable to their community welfare officer while topping up private landlords. Here’s a quick transcript: Coppinger: Your colleague Joan Burton announced today that they’d increase rent payments on a case by case basis so people would still … Read More

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Bread And Circuses

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Ministers Joan Burton and Joe Costello visited the Paris Bakery on Monday and met with workers and supporters occupying the premises. The workers have been left without wages (as detailed here) and are occupying until they find justice. Union representatives had choice words for the visiting Ministers and left them in no doubt that this better be more than a photo opportunity following a disastrous election weekend for Labour. Results are needed … Read More

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Joan’s Youth Guarantee

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    Joan Burton, Minister for Social Destruction, launched her bid for leadership of the Labour Party today. She addressed the Seanad on the Youth Guarantee. We looked up today’s hot new internships to see what the future holds for Youth citizens of Joan’s Brave New World. 39 Hours per week in a car wash, for your dole plus €50 and you’ll learn about the two kinds of ‘detergants’ [sic]. … Read More