Enda’s Vision, horse manure and forks for all

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Here we go again. Harry’s Restaurant in Inishowen, Co.Donegal are offering one lucky graduate an internship in growing vegetables (at no cost to themselves). The fortunate candidate will receive €50 on top of their dole (although may lose other benefits) and be removed from the Live Register. Skill Requirements: Must like working outdoors in the pissing rain. That’ll be Noonan’s Trickle-Down Economy right there.

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Labour’s Portillo Moment

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  ‘Portillo moment’: The loss of the 1997 election by the Conservative Party, has been referred to as “the Portillo moment”. And in the cliché “Were you up for Portillo?” (i.e., “Were you awake/did you see Portillo’s result announced on television?”). Portillo himself commented, thirteen years later, that as a consequence “My name is now synonymous with eating a bucketload of shit in public.” This 30 second video clip of TV3’s Ursula Hannigan chasing … Read More

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Yuff Guarantee

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  Labour and other European ‘socialists’ are marketing a new campaign to get *5.8/5.7/5.5million young people into work (*different numbers from their own stats) We presume this is the happy-clappy, stop-motion way of telling you to get into JobBridge or fuck off to Australia. By the way, the lad in the video is supposed to represent an under-25 European. Sake.

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Frankfurt’s Way

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Below is the email from the Labour parliamentary party to it’s councillors on the IBRC legislation rushed through without reading last night. “Farewell to Anglo! Last night’s legislation brings an end to Anglo Irish Bank and the Irish Nationwide Building Society. These two institutions, names that will live on in ignominy, are forever associated with the recklessness and greed of a tiny clique that brought this country to the edge … Read More

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Labour Chairman 404

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  The Labour JobBridgers are quick off the mark it seems. Within half an hour of Labour Chairperson Colm Keaveney voting against his party’s Budget, his signature page has been pulled from the site and all mention of him in Parliamentary Party webpages have also been removed. Good work guys. Transparency in politics. Update: The page has reappeared although there is no reference to Keaveney as Chairperson

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Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

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    A dramatic case has found District Court Judge Heather Perrin guilty of deceiving an elderly client in to leaving half his estate to her family. She was shocked and amazed following the finding, as no doubt we will be when Shatter announces there is no way he can have her removed from the bench or touch her pension. A question that isn’t being asked by the press is what … Read More