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Living In A Slumlord’s Paradise

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New report out this morning from Savilles real-estate on the state of renting. You’re right, it’s exactly like the torture rack it feels. The slumlords are playing the poor-mouth – they’re rolling in it. As the report says “it’s a no-brainer for people with the cash.” See more here.

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London heads are using social media to highlight the utter shtate of their rental accommodation by sharing handmade signs, cardboard memes and posters.

Generation Rent instigated the campaign to force the housing issue to the top of the London Mayoral agenda. Unsurprisingly, it’s a litany of high rents, dismal dives and nightmare landlord stories.

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They’re Looting The Town!

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While historical re-enactments are all the rage in this ‘Decade of Centenaries’, and we have seen everything from Ulster Volunteer Forces rallies to Fenian funerals re-enacted by enthusiastic historical societies, it’s unlikely we’ll see anyone recreate the looting of Noblett’s sweet shop come 24 April 2016. Donal Fallon has this tale of proletarian shopping in the rare auld times. Somewhat at odds with the popular narrative of the Easter Rising, widespread looting in the city was one outcome of the breakdown of law and order that came with the outbreak of the insurrection. John Pitts, an academic who studies criminology … Read More

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#FallonsFables: Iveagh An Idea!

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As rents continue to soar and more and more people become locked out of the housing market, Donal Fallon takes us back to the lofty co-operative housing schemes built for workers by the corporations of Dublin and weighs up their experience against similar ventures abroad. In his wonderful oral history of the Dublin tenements, it was pointed out by one wise lady to Kevin Kearns about the tenements of the past that “anyone that says they were good old days is a headcase. It’d make you sick to think of them.” Any examination of Dublin Corporation housing in the late nineteenth … Read More

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Dear Dublin 7.

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With rent prices sky rocketing across Dublin, many friends of rabble are upping sticks and heading to pastures new. Pauliina Spockinen is one of these. She penned this wistful farewell to D7. Have you been pushed out of an area you loved?   dear dublin 7, it’s time for us to part ways. i never thought it would come to this. i suppose i knew something was up when you started expanding the luas deep into your heart and opened a gourmet burger restaurant. i thought we agreed that i’d ignore the rubbish on the streets and in return you’d … Read More

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Trickling Up From The Basement.

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You’re probably blue in the face hearing about the housing crisis, the increase in rent, the holy grail of owning the roof over your head. There are solutions to the problems though. Michael Taft details a few. This housing crisis is having a devastating impact on the households affected and the wider economy. In 2013, there were 90,000 households on the social housing waiting list – the majority waiting for over two years. In 2014, some local authorities are reporting a 40 percent rise in the waiting list. The waiting list has grown as social house building has collapsed, from … Read More

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They Haven’t Gone Away You Know.

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Just as it seemed things had gone quiet on the We’re Not Leaving front, they’re back in the meeja tag teaming with Peter McVerry and spinning common sense about rent controls in our unfair city. They’re launching a policy document based on the German rent control model and exhibition of photos submitted to them by young folks hunting out accomodation. It’s all taking place down at the Migrants Rights Centre this evening from 7pm. Organiser Áine Mannion, said: “We didn’t want to call on the government to implement a policy that wouldn’t work. We’ve really researched all angles of this, … Read More

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800 Quid A Month? You Must Be Daft.

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As rents climb higher we take a look around some of the ‘competitively’ priced ‘Studio Apartments’ offered by the rentier class to those that can’t afford a home. In previous articles we wrote about bedshitland and the  failure of  almost all 1500 residences examined to pass basic health & safety criteria demanded by the DCC. Today we scanned the pages of the most appropriately named property website, and came up with these beauties (see gallery) all looking for circa €800-€1000 per month. In light of recent reports from Berlin where the Germans are expected to build hundreds of thousands of new homes to counter … Read More

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Dublin’s Totally Daft Prices.

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The Union of Students In Ireland made a recent plea to homeowners to take in their members as boarders. All due to the accommodation crisis across the city. They even set up a dedicated website to advertise this new cohort of digs. Maybe in indication of take up of the scheme, the site appears to be knocked off line at the moment. USI  is an organisation that looks to have turned a corner, shedding its previous image as an IBEC supporting monolith of rank reaction. Its social media feed over the past while has featured solidarity with Greyhound workers, officer board members speaking … Read More

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Juking The Stats 2

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Above: A photograph of some urban dereliction by Paul Reynolds. Minister Jan O’Sullivan’ Housing Assistance Payment Bill will remove people receiving rent assistance from the housing waiting list. SF TD Dessie Ellis outlined the implications of removing tens of thousands (many of whom have been on it for over a decade) from the housing list. ‘This means they will find it almost impossible to get a council house, to buy a home or ever be secure in their home. This condemns tens of thousands to insecure housing and will cost hundreds of millions a year in private rent subsidy.’ The … Read More