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Dublin’s Totally Daft Prices.

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The Union of Students In Ireland made a recent plea to homeowners to take in their members as boarders. All due to the accommodation crisis across the city. They even set up a dedicated website to advertise this new cohort of digs. Maybe in indication of take up of the scheme, the site appears to be knocked off line at the moment. USI  is an organisation that looks to have turned a … Read More

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Juking The Stats 2

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Above: A photograph of some urban dereliction by Paul Reynolds. Minister Jan O’Sullivan’ Housing Assistance Payment Bill will remove people receiving rent assistance from the housing waiting list. SF TD Dessie Ellis outlined the implications of removing tens of thousands (many of whom have been on it for over a decade) from the housing list. ‘This means they will find it almost impossible to get a council house, to buy … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Driven

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Phelim Drew burns with on-screen intensity in this short burst of film-making that lands blow after blow on Ireland’s corporate lackies. Meet Thomas, a man in his mid-forties who shits bricks as each bill piles up high with nothing coming in and imminent eviction brewing.  Directed by Ian Thullier, this features a wonderful monologue about unregulated cowboys and a political class that twiddled their fingers while Ireland fell on its knees. If … Read More

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Up Up And Away: What’s Going On With Dublin’s Property Prices?

In #rabble7, Culture, History, Illustration, Interviews, Politics by Stephen Bourke13 Comments

With everyone seemingly going ga-ga over the rise in house prices, it’s like Ireland has made a miraculous recovery. Hold off on buying that champers-fuelled jetpack just for a moment though, as Stephen Bourke looks into the housing crisis that is still very much in existence.   The great big Bank of Ireland ad on Manor Street says something like, “I thought I’d be renting for the rest of my … Read More

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Dublin City Council conducted an inspection of 1500 properties in bedsit land – Cabra Park, Grove Park in Rathmines and the North Circular Road from the Phoenix Park to Aughrim Street. 1,384 are deemed unfit for habitation. Sake. Bleak. Anyway, we know all about these places – the landlords are as bad as each other. The DCC are extending the examinations to 7,000 properties, they have issued landlords with over 1,500 demands … Read More

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#rabbleEye: Uncommon Land

In #rabble3, Culture, Politics, Print Edition by Eilis Murphy9 Comments

The explanation they give is that the streets are “private”. They were owned by property developers, but now that most of Tallaght Cross has passed into NAMA, the streets essentially belong to the proverbial people. Yet those people cannot take photographs in the street, even though an array of CCTV cameras record their every move.

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[Housing] Rack Rent.

In #rabble3, Blog, Humour, Illustration, Politics, Print Edition by Paul Reynolds4 Comments

Here in the Rabble Bunker we almost feel sorry for the government as it flops around like a hooked fish on the end of an IMF rod. With a kind of reverse Midas touch effect everything they touch seems to turn to shit. A fine example being their attempt at reducing the state’s burden in supporting around half of all rented accommodation through the Rent Allowance Scheme.