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Ulster Says No To Gay Marriage

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  Assembly members have voted against a Sinn Féin proposal to legalise same-sex marriage, by 53 votes to 42. An Alliance amendment which would have allowed for churches to retain independence on the issue, received 46 votes for, 51 against. Full report via UTV here

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In USA, Jesus hates the gays

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Jason Collins has become the first top-level American professional sportsman to come out as gay. The NBA’s Washington Wizards centre has received words of support from clubs and fellow pros as well as encouragement from the White House. However things took the usual turn towards fundamentalism on American sports channel ESPN. Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Chris Broussard declared that homosexuality (and pre-marital sex) are ‘walking in open rebellion to … Read More

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Hear the Noise

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  Dublin club promoter Buzz O’Neill was among the activists to address the crowd at the Gaiety this morning. They were gathered to wait in solidarity with NOISE (LGBT rights) for the result of the vote on Same-Sex Marriage undertaken in Malahide at the Constitutional Convention. rabble was there and saw a lot of love and hope. We snapped a few happy couples kissing while they waited for the result. … Read More

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You’re not gay enough, you’re not getting in

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An article in last week’s Gaelick has prompted some discussion on the norms and expectations of gay clubs. Writing on experiences of being turned away from gay bars and clubs in the capital, the author and readers relate tales of heterophobia, anti-femme attitudes and a general unwelcoming stance for those seen as different from the accepted gay stereotypes. Read here:  Difference is bad

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LGBT History Month And Walking Tour.

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It really is a year of commemorations. While 1913 is dominating most of the discussions we’re party to, there’s a few more historical moments worthy of attention too. 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of Dublin Pride parades, and it’s also the 20th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality here. Yes, that’s right folks 1993…Jaysus. That’s a date that would shock you, were we not all left recently grappling with the … Read More

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Anti-gay moral crusader destroyed by mistress

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Here in rabble HQ we’re not ones for salacious tabloid tittle tattle (well not all of us) but we love a bit of hypocrisy from time to time. Conservative MP Bob Blackman (with a surname like that we can only imagine the raised eyebrows as his name was announced at Tory dinners) supports the reinstatement of Thatcher’s Section 28 – outlawing gay ‘propaganda’. Quoting the usual slew of creepy clichés … Read More