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Imagine a Digital Media Safe Haven.

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In 2009, WikiLeaks released a confidential document listing Iceland’s Kaupthing Bank’s exposure to mega loans. The bank had loaned billions to a golden circle of major shareholders and attempted to manipulate its share price. The state broadcaster, RUV, was gagged from reporting the WikiLeaks exposé. As a result a radical initiative called the International Modern Media Institute received unanimous support in parliament. Sean Finnan spoke to Smári McCarthy, one of … Read More

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The Regime’s Ship Of Fools.

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Most of us are familiar with RTÉ’s bias, be it through cosying up to government quarters, lambasting Sinn Fein, or constant under reporting of anti-water charge protests. Seamus L Moore takes a look at their role and service as the national public broadcaster and sets out to answer the age old question of why is RTÉ so shite?

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Talking To G.O.D.

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Investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty has garnered a reputation as a tenacious old-school reporter. She’s currently championing the case of Mary Boyle, a six-year-old Donegal girl missing since 1977. Rashers Tierney caught up with O’Doherty after her appearance at the Journalism In Crisis conference in the University Of Limerick back in April.

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Responsible Types.

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The protracted pantomime over government formation has somewhat overshadowed the gravity of what occurred in February’s general election. With regime support at historic lows, Oireachtas Retort looks at how some middle ground commentators continue to dismiss the movement against Irish Water. As soon as ballot boxes opened in February it quickly became clear that voters had delivered a kick in the teeth that neither politicians nor their media priests had … Read More

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Ah Jaysus.

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The notorious troll Katie Hopkins (previously kept well fed by rags like The Sun and the Daily Mail…) has come out with a right Paddy bashing clanger in this clip with Angela Scanlon. She’s taken to calling herself “the Jesus of the outspoken.” And at the age of 41, between ourselves like, she’s probably well over due crucifixion. It puts us in mind of a brilliant piece some time ago … Read More

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Bleedjin Shtate.

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Here’s something to watch while you wait for the spuds to boil later on. It’s a round table chat about the class and gender dynamics of the modern British meeja scene. A wee piece put out by

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On The Problem Of The Hipster Bourgeoisie.

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The ideological state apparatus has many forms; the anti-working class hipster wing are the most annoying.

So what is this ideological state apparatus? It isn’t as the name might suggest simply some sort of state run propaganda machine a la RTE, although that is part of the process – rather the ISA acts as a much deeper and insidious level of ideological thought running through the entire superstructures of society from family to religion, education and even entertainment.

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Our Profession Is On Its Knees.

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One of our own parish was down in the University Of Limerick last week for a conference called Journalism In A Time Of Crisis. The keynote address was given by investigative reporter Gemma O’Doherty.

We’ve followed Gemma’s work close enough here in the rabble bunker. Even Featuring her on the back page of one of our print issues in 2014.

Her speech knocked our socks off and set the tone for what was a valuable days’ chin-wagging about the sorry condition of the fourth estate.

We’ve reproduced her speaking notes here for the rest of you to mull over…

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Soliloquy in Voice of Ageing Rock Journalist.

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Poet Kevin Higgins is a regular contributor to our wee parish rag for the disgruntled. Many of us might once have harbored a grá for Hot Press. Think of those dark days some time before the internet proper and being stuck down in the bogholes of the midlands where the fiery fusilades of Eamonn McCann, Nell McCafferty and others were like gifts from a big world beyond populated by interesting … Read More