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Dun Talkin.

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The reality music of Jinx Lennon shows us that we can engage with everyday life and not go under. Influenced as much by post punk and hip hop the Dundalk man is a different breed of singer songwriter altogether. He released two albums in 2016 after a six year break. We packed Martin Leen off up to Dundalk for a chat with the lad. So there has been a long hiatus of six years between National Cancer Strategy and you latest two albums. Is there any particular reason for that? There were a few things; I suppose I wasn’t that … Read More

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A Less Grizzled, More Sincere Tom Waits.

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Despite his youthful appearance and relatively underground status Hamilton Leithauser has been treading the boards of the alternative music scene for a long time now.  Benny Profane caught him in action last night and felt the mad urge to scribble this review and send in a photo he took with a potato.   With his former cohorts The Walkmen he was the driving song-writing force behind a band that put out some of the most superbly sculpted rock singles of the last 15 years and delivered at least one classic album in 2008’s You & Me. The slow and stuttering … Read More

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The Golden Boys of Irish Noise-rock.

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Above: A shot by photographer  Steve Gullick, taken from the band’s website. Last Friday the suicide and self-harm awareness charity Pieta House held a fundraising gig in Dublin’s Vicar St featuring a host of Irish acts. The line-up included Limerick-based hip-hop collective Rusangano Family, followed by four-piece folk innovators Lynched, with the near-peerless Girl Band headlining the event. Benny Profane sent us in this review. Now as my presence at this show was basically a last-minute who-cares-if-I’m-by-myself-a-good-gig-is-a-good-gig-is-a-good-gig sort-of decision, I coordinated my arrival at the venue with the intended start-time of the headliners and therefore didn’t catch either of the … Read More

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Rise of the Mutants.

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Mutate is a techno collective which was started in October 2013 with the aim of bringing over niche international guests and fresh faces to Dublin’s clubs. Jasper Mathews got in touch with Mutate bossman Jay Carroll to discuss the sounds of Mutate, how to stay afloat in today’s competitive scene and the resurgence of club culture with the Celtic Tiger 2.0 rolling in.   Tell me a bit about the inception of Mutate, what was the thought/conversation that got the ball rolling? The idea came about during my involvement in the now defunct clubnight in the midlands called Disco Nouveau, … Read More

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The Baubles Family Punxmas.

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    There’s too much to do. Auntie Mary is doing me head in. All the shopping is inciting anxiety. There’s no tree up and the decorations are still in the attic. There’s too many christmas songs. Christ, there’s just too much christmas… The bahumbuggery always gives way in the end though. Generally thanks to good company, some time to put the feet up, or delicious pints. You succumb to the holiday atmosphere, with generosity order of the day. Music tends to play a part, and the long tradition of the christmas song gets an annual dusting off or a … Read More

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Rundfunk Der Dublin!

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A new online radio station based in Dublin is about to take off. What’s in store? We checked in the DDR crew to find out.

So, a new digital radio station is in the pipeline. Tell us how it came about?

The idea was floating around in our heads for a while I think. A few of us have been involved in different forms of radio over the years and I think we all wondered why Dublin didn’t have something like this already. We went to Open Ear festival on Sherkin Island earlier this year and started talking seriously about it. A five hour car journey home with only national radio for company really got the wheels moving then. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I guess it’s a bit reactionary in that sense, we were a bit angry with the lack of coverage for certain areas of culture in Ireland so we are trying to fill that void in a small way.

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Set To Skirmish?

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On the rabble horizon this Friday is a gig run by the lovely folk at Skirmish! They’ll be poking their head in here now and then to remind us of the goings on in the Irish music scene so tune in to stay updated on all the beats and pieces coming out of studios and bedrooms across the country. September calls for lashings of the good stuff and Skirmish have promised a night of electronic goodness in all shapes and sizes in Cork’s AMP venue. Both Trevor Wilkes (Fun in the Murky/Bleep Radio) and Nez (Computer Controlled Records) are label … Read More

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Feeling A Bit Shook.

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Following the release of their new album Drinking About You, Bit Thorn caught up with Everything Shook to find out where they’re heading and what makes them tick. Plenty of talk of synths, recording in gaffs and the whatchamacallit genre game.

Hi, Everything Shook… For the uninitiated can you tell us a bit about your sound?

Jessica: We’ve been called ‘experimental electro’, ‘dance-punk,’ and the Irish Times recently called us ‘wonkypop’, which is a new one. Our sound is mainly various synths and keyboards, electronic drums and bass guitar, (and some other smaller instruments). The vocals are layered with all of our voices, (harmonies, growls, oohs and shouts). Someone recently said to me at a gig that we should be playing in New York to people on coke. I don’t think you need to be on coke though, maybe just beer

Robyn: I always call it Electronic Goth Pop, but there’s Punk and Folk elements to it too. I think we get our sound by not having one, if that makes sense. We never set out to sound like anything or anyone in particular, instead we each kind of throw our individual influences and interests into this big pot and mix it up.

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Dissenting Drogheda.

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Nolan spent many months in Drogheda interviewing people who were involved in the punk community and gathering their stories of dissent including Paddy Dillon who disrupted Sunday mass in the early eighties by letting loose a clutch of hens.

This secret history is documented in the publication ‘Subvert All Power’ Drogheda’s Punk History, in the theatre space of the Droichead Arts Cent which will be launched on Saturday the 27th of August. To coincide with the launch there will be talks of feminist punk culture, 24 hour punk gigs and other goings on.
On Sunday 28th there will be a Parade of Dissent including banners, madzers and music through Drogheda and a punk picnic and a free punk concert.

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Rua Sound.

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    Welfare and the Rua Sound lot are heading over to Outlook for a system take over in Croatia at the end of the month. We’re well jel. They’ve put out a promo mix of rolling sounds that represents their label. Give it a go. Go listen on Soundcloud.