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Palestinian Sports

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 The village of Bil’in is the site of  weekly Friday protests as seen in the Oscar nominated ‘5 Broken Cameras’. So used to attacks from Israeli Defence Forces are the locals and activists that they are proficient in dealing with projectiles in a new manner. Beautiful photographs taken today from this facebook page.

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Should we all be racist now Father?

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If it wasn’t passed around as fact it would be laughable. The Jerusalem Post is carrying a story which furthers Ireland’s reputation as the world leader in anti-semitic hate. Yeah, and here was us thinking it was the Chinese that Ted wanted us to hate. A bizarre attack on Caherciveen and Ireland by Sarah Honig (see here), a political analyst for many decades of the Jerusalem Post, begins by positing … Read More

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Live from the frontline

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  While tweets from the Frontline may have very different connotations in Ireland (think Kenny, Gallagher and a certain unofficial Sinn Féin twitter account) in Palestine it is becoming commonplace to see hashtags from villages, demonstrations or ‘Occupy’-style gatherings trend across the social media. Just today, while our mainstream media pointedly ignores the hunger strikes and solidarity demonstrations across the region, twitter users are documenting the ongoing events at Nabi … Read More

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Democracy comes visiting

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‘The right of the citizens to assemble peaceably and without arms.’ Article 40.6 Irish Constitution. As your rabble roving reporter was walking down a drizzly Dame St. this evening Gardaí came running through traffic to intercept two men with Palestinian flags in front of Eddie Rockets, pulled them across the street where one of them was arrested and taken away in a Garda van. 100 yards further up the street pedestrians … Read More

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Biblical attack on Gaza ‘Planned months ago’

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A four-year-old girl is amongst the first to die in a new Israeli attack. ‘Team of pyromaniacs want to cause war on the eve of elections’ says Meretz party official of Israeli govt – Netenyahu has expanded from attacks on Syria yesterday with a long-expected war ‘theatre’ ahead of January’s general election. Already reports claim this is the biggest attack on Gaza since the 2009 ‘Operation Cast Lead’ which saw 1400 Palestinians, … Read More