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Holy Beer Bellies – it’s Batman

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West Yorkshire police have asked for help tracking down a local Batman. The caped crusader appeared in a Bradford police station having brought in a man wanted for handling stolen goods. Not exactly defeating Bane or The Joker but hey it’s a start. Police say they don’t know who the man is but they are considering installing a batsignal on the roof *     *they’re not.

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Greek army promises not to intervene against a social uprising

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“At a certain moment, quite soon, there will be an explosion of social unrest”, says former Greek diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, “There are contacts by certain politicians with elements in the armed forces to guarantee that in the event of major social unrest, the army will not intervene.” The reasons behind Greece’s present unrest is well known to us and illustrated by another quote from the former ambassador “We do not … Read More

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Old Bill, New Media, Domestics.

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 While we aren’t entirely ACAB, we wouldn’t be known for our love of all the thin blue line but this eye-opening twitter feed this morning caught our attention. The Sussex Police are tweeting every ‘domestic’ call they take today. Domestic abuse is rarely the stuff of crime drama and similarly IRL it doesn’t make good press. Follow the link and prepare to be shocked at the abuse and the number of … Read More

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Nice work boys!

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The reputation of the NYPD, which traditionally has been less than stellar and suffered a tarnishing in the eyes of the world for the false arrests and violent treatment of thousands of Occupy supporters, has taken another dive. While looking for  a killer of three people the NYPD released a template sketch of a black man with sunglasses. Salvatore Perrone, a 64 yr old, balding, mustachioed man of Italian extraction … Read More