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#rabbleReels: The People’s Internet

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We came across a website that stoked our wildest William Gibson-esque fantasies a few weeks ago. It looks exactly like something stumbled upon by Mulder and Scully when hanging out with those three nerd dudes that frequented some of the more paranoid episodes. Way back when the internet was still something you’d only see on yanky TV, there was a movement of people to set up their own social networks … Read More

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#rabbleReels: The Untold Truths

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Here’s a trailer for ‘La Violencia’ – an upcoming feature length documentary that looks at the history of violence against women in the Guatemala, particularly the plight of indigenous Mayan women. Despite a 36-year armed conflict having come to a close (with the loss of 200,000 lives), it remains one of the most dangerous countries on the planet for females, with 771 women losing their lives in 2013 alone due … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Robert Burns – The People’s Poet

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It’s Burns Night and we’ve linked a BBC Documentary about his life as well as a couple of other pieces of interest. He was a man ahead of his time in many ways, his influence more widespread than might be imagined. Called the ‘People’s Poet’ by Russian peasants, he wrote ‘The Rights of Woman’ before the French Revolution and Bob Dylan regards him as his inspiration. Burns had some Irish … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Deadly Eyes

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In honour of the ghost ship carrying cannibal rats that has reappeared and looks set to crash into Ireland we offer you Deadly Eyes, a 1982 horror film. IMDB describes this film (also named RATS) : Contaminated grain breeds overgrown, killer rats in this Golden Harvest production. Dachshunds were dressed up as rats for the special effects.

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#rabbleReels: 80 Blocks From Tiffanys

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Tonight’s fare is a firm favorite in rabble land. Capturing as it does the bombed out story of the Bronx in the mid-1970s and the gangs that ruled the roost. You’ve oft heard how New York in the ’70s was a rough looking place, nowhere more so than the South Bronx.   Gary Weis’ 80 Blocks From Tiffanys is based on a long piece of prose from Esquire magazine about the two gangs … Read More

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#rabbleReels: Into the Fire

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In a week which sees Golden Dawn facing proscription, one startling allegation to emerge is Greek fascism’s connection to the disappearance of over one hundred migrants. On figures like that you wonder what took so long but new film Into the Fire offers some answers.   While ‘periphery of Europe’ is a convenient distinction for the high priest of austerity,  Greece’s geographical position on the edge of the Union means … Read More

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rabbleReels: St Paul’s Carnival Bristol In 1980.

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About half the rabble editors have decamped across the pond for St Paul’s Carnival. It’s an annual Carribean festival akin to Notting Hill – but with far less of the stress of BabyLondon. See what I just did there?! It takes place just outside the city centre, up at the top of the famous Stokes Croft area (known for its street art scene…). St Paul’s has a checkered history as … Read More

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The Thatcherite Wonk Fest

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Adam Curtis has been on radio silence for a while. He’s been galavanting around with Massive Attack producing a live show. We likes. Last Friday, he responded to the Thatcherite love-in that happened across the pond by sticking one of his older films up. I’m putting it up as a bit of a corrective to the terrifying wonk-fest that took over after Mrs Thatcher died. A conveyor belt of Think … Read More

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Crackles and crates. Vinyl watching.

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Unless you’ve had your internet connection ripped out of the wall, there’s no way you could have escaped Record Store Day. Here we list a rake of flicks that look at the dusty art of crate digging, the balls to the wall commitment of stores that held out against digitalisation and whatever else falls between the grooves.   Strange Wax This one has a dozen or so vinyl obsessives warbling … Read More