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Rave New World.

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  Some weeks ago we stumbled upon a performance called The Rave Space in Cube. This small underground sweat box venue in Cork city was well suited to the tightly woven jungle laced theatrics that followed. The Rave Space was part of the Quarter City Block Party and provocatively strung together spirituality and oral fragments from UK rave’s zenith. Rashers Tierney caught up with main man Will Dickie to find out … Read More

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Notes On Rave In Dublin.

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Some of us rabblers have been squirreled away putting the final gloss on this 100 minute feature length documentary about Dublin’s original rave generation. What’s it about? Well, I guess it maps the mood and movement of those who caught a buzz for dance music and watched particular cultural explosion happen in the city across the 1990s and into the early 2000s. A measure of rose tinted nostalgia served with … Read More

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Listen To Unique 3.

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While much of hardcore was about getting on one matey, there was also a tinge of anti-drug messaging in some of the MC’s flow – at least early on and from those that came from the reggae sound system culture with it’s bigging up of ganja culture. You’ll find tracks like the Demon Rocka’s Hard Drugs going in strong on the effects of ecstasy as it swept in – lyrical warnings about … Read More

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Go East.

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Above: Some amazing photos here by Oliver Wia. They all feature in the book. The top one is Dr Motte, who produced the track Der Klang Der Familie. An early anthem that gave the book its title. The first Tressor club features in the rest. The folklore of English and US dancefloors is a well trodden path of familiar origin myths and falls from grace. Unfortunately there’s very little on the … Read More

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Back To The Old School.

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  Dublin Old School became something of an automatic rabble favourite when we stumbled upon it at the Electric Picnic a few years ago. It’s back for a short run in the Project Arts Centre this week. So, take a look at this interview with Emmet Kirwan from #rabble9 if you need convincing and grab yourself a ticket while you can. See yiz there.

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Come On, Vogue.

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    Vogue what’s her face (from that awful reality bending TV show Fade) St just irked hapes of Dublin commuters at an early morning “Industry Nightclub pop up” at Connolly station. Commuters must have been highly strung if the Independent broke from its churn of nauseating fawning stories about her. And would you blame them? Listen to that muck. However, things didn’t go off script for long. It took a … Read More

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The Roots Of Rave.

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There’s no messing with Jerome Hill. The man’s an icon of the London underground and if you’ve ever been looking enough to see him play out, you know he carries around more classics than a lost librarian. Jerome Hill uses his show on Kool FM to explore the roots of rave. It’s always a heady box of tricks with shows as diverse as hip hop and hardcore,  back to backs with Mark Archer … Read More

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The Revolution Is Now.

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  Boomtown continues its internal festival narrative, loaded as always with metaphorical madness about independence and rebellion. Above is their round up video from this years festival, which played with a theatrical theme of how power corrupts the mighty.  The clip features a masked man making some seriously on point statements and a whole blast of festival flavor. “Discontent gnawed at the heart of the people, dissent at first a … Read More

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Handle Without Care.

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Fran Hartnett and Giles Armstrong are two names synonymous with Irish Techno. In late 2014 they joined together, for a limited run of gigs around the country, as FraGile. Kinetika’s Jasper Mathews caught up with them to hear about their long romance that started down the back of the 49 bus. FraGile, where did the idea for collaboration come from? Giles: It’s all about the name! Fran: Haha, he admits it! … Read More

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#clubbersCognotes: David Holmes On Acid House.

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Great interview with David Holmes, churned out as part of the Alternative Ulster history project up Norf. They’ve gathered up interviews with some of the musical movers and shakers of the NI scene over the years. Holmes ran the famous Sugar Sweet club, Orbital wrote the track Belfast, after playing it. In this one he chats the impact of acid house on the city: “It was the kind of the perfect … Read More