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Spare Bed?

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New kid on the NGO block Uplift are responding to the Calais Crisis with a bed pledge scheme. It comes after a German website (dubbed “AirBnb for refugees”) was swamped with offers of space upon going live last week. Elsewhere, a Go Fund Me has been set up to facilitate an Irish convoy to Calais with supplies. How will the Irish respond? Well, that’s up to you lot. Click here to offer … Read More

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European Trains Bound For Camps.

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All Europeans taken off train. Refugees realising they're not going to Austria. Riot police stop anyone getting off. — James Mates (@jamesmatesitv) September 3, 2015 Refugees now being cleared from train one carriage at a time. Being corralled through an underpass. V unhappy. — James Mates (@jamesmatesitv) September 3, 2015 Behind the riot police 100+ refugees have been corralled. Say the won't be taken to camps. Rest held on … Read More

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Direct Questions.

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The headline in Saturday’s Irish Times was disappointing. It turns out it was also incorrect. Stephen Collins misrepresented the Ipsos MRBI poll carried out for the IT when he wrote: A majority of voters believe asylum seekers should be kept under direct State provision rather than being allowed to work or claim benefits, according to the latest Irish Times/Ipsos MRBI poll. Asked what they think should happen, 54 per cent said … Read More

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How Far Does €9.60 Really Go?

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People have started to share photos of receipts for €9.60 or less to highlight just how little a child in direct provision is expected to live on. The Irish Refugee council are doing trojan work to highlight the realities of institutional living. This is their latest creative challenge to the public and a solid pop at myths around asylum seeking spongers taking over our shores. They are asking people to … Read More

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Missing: Presumed Kidnapped By Australia.

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153 Tamil asylum seekers and an unknown number of Indonesians aboard two boats have lost civilian communication for over 24 hours and are believed to have been taken by Australian forces. In a bizarre statement to press, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison refused to acknowledge or deny the boats’ capture or the existence of the refugees:   More here on the case of the missing asylum seekers. Morrison is a fairly pernicious type, … Read More

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Greens Get Kicking Over Eviction.

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A squatted school set up to support refugees has been evicted in Berlin after a police lockdown.   Police moved in, under the auspices of demands from local authorities that the asylum seekers move into official accommodation. Official accommodation like those pictured earlier today? The Gerhart-Hauptmann School in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district was squatted two years ago. The German Greens are coming in for particular bashing around the eviction.  Their Kreuzberg mayor Monika Herrmann ordered police in to dismantle a … Read More

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Freedom March.

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Organisers of a five week long march highlighting the plight of asylum seekers across Europe, have called on activists to send in photographs of conditions in holding centres across the continent. The march ended earlier last week but a final demonstration is due in Brussels tomorrow.  The photos above were sent in from a centre in Belguim. As the The Freedom March Facebook page sez: This is the real face of … Read More

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Refugee Crisis

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    Palestinian refugees queue for food in Yarmouk Refugee Camp, Syria. “I am deeply disturbed and shaken by what I observed today. The Palestine refugees with whom I spoke were traumatized by what they have lived through, and many were in evident need of immediate support, particularly food and medical treatment. What I have seen and heard today underlines the timeliness of the UN Security Council resolution 2139 on … Read More