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A Less Grizzled, More Sincere Tom Waits.

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Despite his youthful appearance and relatively underground status Hamilton Leithauser has been treading the boards of the alternative music scene for a long time now.  Benny Profane caught him in action last night and felt the mad urge to scribble this review and send in a photo he took with a potato.   With his former cohorts The Walkmen he was the driving song-writing force behind a band that put out some of the most superbly sculpted rock singles of the last 15 years and delivered at least one … Read More

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The Golden Boys of Irish Noise-rock.

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Above: A shot by photographer  Steve Gullick, taken from the band’s website. Last Friday the suicide and self-harm awareness charity Pieta House held a fundraising gig in Dublin’s Vicar St featuring a host of Irish acts. The line-up included Limerick-based hip-hop collective Rusangano Family, followed by four-piece folk innovators Lynched, with the near-peerless Girl Band headlining the event. Benny Profane sent us in this review. Now as my presence at this show was basically a last-minute who-cares-if-I’m-by-myself-a-good-gig-is-a-good-gig-is-a-good-gig sort-of decision, I coordinated my arrival at the venue with the intended … Read More

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Film Review: Blah Blah Land.

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  Benny Profane finds the world somehow tricking him into thinking he might actually enjoy a light-hearted, romantic-musical starring Ryan Gosling more disappointing than Trump’s election and a greater betrayal than the passing of Brexit. Here’s his review of La La Land… The trailer had irked me but the hype, awards and opinions of everyone else compelled me to go into this film with not just an open mind but actual positive expectations. On paper it had little going for it, but the brilliance of Whiplash held out the … Read More

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See Ya Front Left.

In Blog, Music by Shane Francis Cusack0 Comments

  On Friday 27th November FrontLeft presented their fourth outing of electronic music. The venue for the night was bar Tengu at the Yamamori Sushi restaurant on Ormond quay. A nice little venue for dance music and this, combined with a decent sound-system, provided a quality setting for the three acts for the night: Kyoka, Sinead Meaney and Niamh de Barra. First up was experimental Irish musician Niamh de Barra performing a live set. Anyone familiar with her music will be accustomed to seeing her perform using live vocals, … Read More

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rabble’s Spooky Movie Night Selection.

In Blog, Film by Rashers Tierney7 Comments

It’s Halloween time. If you’ve found yourself all tuckered out blowing up Irish Water Metres with black cats and quarter sticks and are looking for a good old fright night with some mates, then gather round – we’ve just the list for you. To help you avoid download indecision we rooted out some lesser known horrors to put the willies up you.  This selection really reflects movies caught late at night on the bog channels growing up as a culchie child. If you like this list, we might just return … Read More

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Building A Revolutionary Brand.

In Blog, Culture, politics by Paul Doyle50 Comments

With the release of his latest book has Russel Brand missed his chance to do something truly revolutionary? Paul Doyle thinks so and here he puts his manifesto to the testo. Brand’s purported magnum opus, ‘Revolution’, could have been given away for free online. For no charge, it could have been available to all on Brand’s website, torrents, and anywhere that wished to host it; a beautiful statement about working outside the system from a multi-millionaire who seriously does wish to tear down the walls of his own golden … Read More

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Our War Report From Boomtown 2014.

In Blog, Music by Gobby O'Rabylon.2 Comments

Several of us rabblers took the annual pilgrimage over to Boomtown Fair back in mid-August, to join the hordes in some of the finest acts of collective tomfoolery, nonsense-jockery, gobbledygookery and wibblywobblywondery witnessed this side of that time Jesus was performing magic tricks at the wedding in Cana. The last time we made the jaunt over was back in 2012 and 2011 before that. Since then the capacity of the site had upped massively. The festival takes place in a 50 acre natural amphitheatre, and in a boring fact … Read More

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Bono: What’s Behind Those Over Priced Shades?

In Blog, Culture, politics by Ronan Lynch6 Comments

  The financial apocalypse has delivered us some small mercies after all: Bono won’t peer down on the ferries arriving into Dublin port from U2’s recording studio atop a 100-metre tall tower on the south quays. Having just returned from exile, Ronan Lynch had forgotten such megalomania. Harry Browne’s recent bashing of the shaded one quickly reminded him. Here’s his review. We get used to Bono in Ireland – we roll our eyes, forgive and forget, and move along.  Yet when Bono’s 30-year plus career as a public figure … Read More