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A Less Grizzled, More Sincere Tom Waits.

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Despite his youthful appearance and relatively underground status Hamilton Leithauser has been treading the boards of the alternative music scene for a long time now.  Benny Profane caught him in action last night and felt the mad urge to scribble this review and send in a photo he took with a potato.   With his former cohorts The Walkmen he was the driving song-writing force behind a band that put … Read More

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Film Review: T2: Judgement Meh.

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The proliferation of sequels, reboots and franchise films that has dominated the world box-office in recent times is, in Benny Profane’s view, emblematic of a broader backward-looking tendency in the consumer-class these days. Now, here he is to ruin Trainspotting 2… What greater example of today’s over-indulgence in nostalgic cultural tokens could there be than the imminent reformation of Bros – I mean fucking BROS! This fixation with what-went-before has … Read More

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Little Gem Recommends.

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In their third take over of our blog, Andy from Little Gem dips into the shop’s fresh record boxes and recommends some prime cuts. You can find Little Gem squirreled away in Basement 18 Kildare St in Dublin 2 Dublin. Drop in and say hello. Check em out on Facebook too.   Fovea Hex – Salt Garden 1 (Jennifer Records) Not being very familiar with the music of Clodagh Simonds and Fovea … Read More

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{Interview} The Radiators From Space return to earth

In #rabble3, Culture, History, Illustration, Interviews, Print Edition by Sam McGrath2 Comments

Thirty-five years ago Dublin punk band The Radiators From Space song Television Screen, became the first punk single to make the charts anywhere in the world. With their fourth studio album due on April 30th, Sam McGrath recently caught up with the bands ever stylish, Dublin born Philip Chevron to talk about life, music and his days in The Pogues.

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So, What Happened The Three Fs?

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The current mess we are in is often explained by an unusual obsession with bricks and mortar rooted in a colonial history. The Irish love to own their own home because those nasty Brits didn’t let us, it’s the spectre of the famine all over again. At best these myths obscure the true reasons behind Ireland’s current economic situation.

{Film Review} Drive.

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Ryan Gosling revisits the character of monosyllabic, simpleton Lars, now transported from the American Midwest to Los Angeles where he has a job as stunt driver/get away driver and a mechanic. He no longer needs to purchase female companionship from the internet, now he just needs to stare at ladies in elevators and ingeniously bribe their offspring with toothpicks to have them forgetting their wedding vows. Drive is a film … Read More

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{Film Review} Page One: Inside The New York Times.

In Blog, Culture, Film, Politics by James Redmond1 Comment

Here’s a fly-on-the-wall documentary about a major American newspaper trying to find its feet in the digital age. Over the course of a year, Andrew Rossi filmed in the offices of the New York Times; gaining unprecedented access to its daily workings and capturing it at a unique juncture where dailies played a grim race to see who went under first. Season 5 of The Wire constantly springs to mind: it’s a lot of quick talking guys chewing the cud on the ethics of journalism and avoiding redundancy offers.