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Taking Back Trinners.

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  Above:  A photo of the protesters outside the Book of Kells from Trinity SU’s Twitter page. Followthem for more. Last week TCD students blocked access to Trinity via the Front Gate and prevented tourists from viewing the book of Kells. In the last few hours, they have moved on (with the support of the SU) to blocking the entrances to the college and have began occupying the dining hall. … Read More

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Arting Shot.

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The Director of NCAD, Declan McGonagle has announced his retirement. As the new college year begins September 21st the replacement remains unknown. It has been a tumultuous year for the south inner city art college. Under McGonagle’s directorship the number of students and courses has expanded beyond the facilities of the campus, according to the students, and the fees have increased substantially too. Students argued that the courses they are … Read More

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Art Students Are Revolting.

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NCAD Students are looking to have words with Declan McGonagle, the Director of NCAD today. So, what’s the background to all this? A student who forwarded the above letter to us said: “If someone was writing something, a good reference point is this article celebrating the rise in student numbers at the college. The campus has not been extended and staff numbers are down 15% in recent years according to what … Read More

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Dublin’s Totally Daft Prices.

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The Union of Students In Ireland made a recent plea to homeowners to take in their members as boarders. All due to the accommodation crisis across the city. They even set up a dedicated website to advertise this new cohort of digs. Maybe in indication of take up of the scheme, the site appears to be knocked off line at the moment. USI  is an organisation that looks to have turned a … Read More

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Batshit Hits The Fan.

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Most rabble readers will be aware of the Burke family of Westport by now. Quoting Leviticus and mansplaining to NUIG’s female undergraduates while demanding removal of rights for LGBT, minorities and women worldwide. Well it turns out that even the Christian Union doesn’t want them, never mind the Students’ Union. While the Westport Batshit Church, as they’ve been nicknamed, have released a statement demanding the cancellation of the referendum on … Read More

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Soup Kitchens for Students

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  Athlone IT has set up a soup kitchen for students it says are struggling to get by. The Union of Students in Ireland has said that students are going to college hungry and that students’ unions are giving food boxes to the worst affected. The students in Athlone are amongst 5,575 nationwide still waiting for grants to be processed. Under the new SUSI scheme introduced by Ruairi Quinn, along … Read More

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An Open Letter To UCD SU

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 Suzanne, who is known to rabble, has written an open letter to UCD Students’ Union defending the actions by a handful of students upon Enda Kenny’s visit to UCD yesterday. We feel the letter should be published in full and does not deserve the flippant replies it received elsewhere when an excerpt was quoted.

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Fr.Jiggy Strikes Again

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Lunatic priest Neil Horan has made an appearance at the National Union of Students’ demo in central London. The demo will be marked for other reasons too including the storming of the stage by some of a group of 150 while SU president Liam Burns was addressing the crowd.