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Go East.

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Above: Some amazing photos here by Oliver Wia. They all feature in the book. The top one is Dr Motte, who produced the track Der Klang Der Familie. An early anthem that gave the book its title. The first Tressor club features in the rest. The folklore of English and US dancefloors is a well trodden path of familiar origin myths and falls from grace. Unfortunately there’s very little on the … Read More

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Back To ’96.

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Ultramack 005 by anodyne Anodyne, a Dublin producer who made a bit of a name for himself playing support slots at the legendary Funnel night club in Dublin back in the day has just re-released his debut EP. It’s from 1996 and gives a taste of that era’s sonic aspirations. If you want something approaching context, the man behind the moniker Colin Cloughley dropped out to Ceol Eire in 2010 … Read More

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Eo’s On The Wireless.

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Dublin ex-pat Eomac will be doing his thing in just over an hour at the Red Bull Music Academy Studios in Tokyo. He’s being hosted by the Diskotopia crew. His Boilerroom set a few months ago was great craic, especially that bit where Small Town Boy filtered in. Marvelous. You can tune in live over here via that Mixlr contraption.  

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Handle Without Care.

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Fran Hartnett and Giles Armstrong are two names synonymous with Irish Techno. In late 2014 they joined together, for a limited run of gigs around the country, as FraGile. Kinetika’s Jasper Mathews caught up with them to hear about their long romance that started down the back of the 49 bus. FraGile, where did the idea for collaboration come from? Giles: It’s all about the name! Fran: Haha, he admits it! … Read More

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#sceneReport: A Thriving Techno Underground By The Suir.

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It’s no surprise that the commercial charts dominate Waterford’s clubs, yet the city is full of passion for music and several alternatives do exist. Paul Herincx brings us to the heart of a thriving techno scene, a family of producers and one sound system that keeps it all alive. While international house bookings follow one another and fill the local clubs, Waterford is also home to a varied palette of … Read More

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#ruckusAlert: DabbledooMusic Fundraiser

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DabbledooMusic is a multimedia project that aims to transform the way music is taught to young people. It uses colour-coded video pieces that kids can play along with, regardless of their level of skill, and teaches them the basics of rhythm, melody, composition and performance . This video explains it all. The lads behind the project have been slaving away at building a new website of late, and need an … Read More

#rabbleReels: Calling Cornwall

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Did you know Aphex Twin was once a miner and used his dosh to buy analog gear to make techno? Find out more tid bits in this old Channel 4 TV show, which features John Peel on the road visiting some pit where protestant radical John Wesley lorded it up as an Aphex Twin of the 18th century (probably a large stretch of the imagination). He also meets Luke Vibert … Read More

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Dub Techno Mix From Welfare

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  > Welfare’s Dub Techno Trip < by Welfare on Mixcloud Dub Techno? Is that what the kids do be playing on the back of the 140? No, not quite… Think of it as an attempt to fuse some of the stripped back industrial vibes of techno with the herbal washes of reggae. Welfare is a Galway based messer, with a solid connection to rabble. Known mainly these days for … Read More

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A Mix For Mongos

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We had the pleasure of having Fran Hartnett down to play at one of our parish fundraisers nearly a year ago. Sweatbox. That is all need to say. The more miscreant among you might be familiar with Mongo. A regular all dayer event that pops up on Bank Holiday weekends. The past wee while has seen it take over the Grand Social. To get around our obnoxious licensing laws it … Read More