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NAMAland App http://www.walkspace.org/namaland/

This Android and IPhone app makes nifty use of the Layar browser to turn your personal pocket gadget into an augmented reality tour of Dublin’s urban scarification. Download it and take some time to bounce around the city’s neighborhoods for a gawk at the dereliction left after the bubble went pop. Set your phone to stun, and prepare to be sickened at the number of dormant properties on your doorstep.

Blogging the Crash. http://irelandafternama.wordpress.com/

This collection of smart folk with letters behind their names have dedicated themselves to uncovering every angle possible on NAMA. The blog is a go to resource for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the colossal fuck up and on-going consequences of our property bubble. It’s a bit of a statistical and academic head melt at times, but just thank yourself someone out there is doing the dirty work of piecing it all together.

Wallets full of blood


Eamonn Crudden constructs a nightmarish vision of the property crash by mashing up the useless daily bleating of RTE analysis with disjointed ghost estate imagery. In blending dismembered economic banter from shows like Pat Kenny with dark, dread inspiring electronica he encapsulates the fear stenched atmosphere pervading the early days of the recession. That is, of course, before we grew immune to economic gloom…


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