{Film Review} Drive.

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Ryan Gosling revisits the character of monosyllabic, simpleton Lars, now transported from the American Midwest to Los Angeles where he has a job as stunt driver/get away driver and a mechanic. He no longer needs to purchase female companionship from the internet, now he just needs to stare at ladies in elevators and ingeniously bribe their offspring with toothpicks to have them forgetting their wedding vows. Drive is a film that raises many questions, why doesn’t he change out of that blood stained jacket? Why is he wearing that mask? Why does everyone in the film think he is deep and enigmatic and not intellectually disabled when he stares at them for 10 mins saying nothing when they have asked him a simple yes/no question.

Drive is ridiculous. It is well shot, and the soundtrack featuring artists from the Italians Do it Better label has some nice moments but also has the some of the funniest explanatory lyrics ever: “a real human being, and a real hero.” Ah is that what I should think. It made me laugh loads and there was a moment when Gosling got stabbed and you could see a small bit of his stomach.



  1. It’s pretty tough to make me laugh of a frosty Monday morning but this had me in tears. Laugh-tears.

  2. this review captures exactly how i felt after watching it. spot on.
    got to see some gosling belly though so wasnt a complete waste,
    stupid crazy love up next i think

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