The State Of Enda

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Illustration: Lisa Crowne


Good evening Fuckwits Tonight I’m taking the opportunity to speak to you directly on the challenge we face as a community, as an economy, and as a country full of Sheep. Baa. I know this is an exceptional event. But we live in exceptional times. And we face an exceptional challenge. It is important that you know the truth of the scale of that challenge – and how we are too supine, under-qualified and disinterested to meet that challenge. That challenge: to prop up a failed economic system and to take sweets from your children. To create the environment of despair, and to destroy the dignity of the most vulnerable people in our society. Fuck them, they don’t vote anyway. At the end of last year, our economy was in deep crisis. And while steps to recover from the crisis have been taken… We remain in crisis today. I would love to tell you tonight that our economic problems are solved, that the worst is over. But, that would be bollocks, trust me, it’s gonna get worse. If you’re unemployed, Fuck off. we will continue to fob you off with 20 year old FAS courses run by friends of ours and will eventually force you all to work 40 hours for free stacking shelves because we support Slavery. If you’re in business… you may still not be able get the credit you need, we will also stealthily hamstring your business by exorbitant rents, hidden taxes and may blacklist you if you wont sell your business to a multinational subsidiary. If you’re a parent who has just put the children to bed… get them up and explain to them in cold clear words that they have no future and they may as well learn a foreign language because they will leave at 18 and wont come back. that may be the truth as you live it, and know it. Let me say this to you all: You are not responsible for the crisis. but we will make you pay for it anyway, because we can, to be fair if you had any backbone you’d be out on the streets instead of moaning into your pint. My Government is determined that now; the necessary decisions and changes are made to ensure that this teetering edifice will continue til it hits critical mass and there is Class war/Bloodshed and a return to Feudal pockets of ignorant hopeless and forlorn humanity who live in a state of constant fear and violence. Right now, our most important responsibility is to do what must be done to ensure the Troika that we, the Irish People are going to let you do whatever you want. May god

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