Meet the Third Gombeen

Gombeen #3: Sean Sherlock TD

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Meet the Third Gombeen

Sheriff Sherlock has come to our lawless internet outpost, six shooter at the ready. Boy thinks he’s gonna fuck with our downloads.

The uppity Labour party numpty is out to make a name for himself by nailing a badly mimeographed version of the US SOPA Act around camp at the behest of an entertainment industry whose greed knows no bounds. The legislation was forced through on a ministerial order, with zero chance to debate it and an empty Dáil chamber as witness – all as if to spite the massive online outcry.

The root of  this lies in the endless bullying cries of the music industry majors , who recently took a High Court action against the state over delays in toughening up copyright legislation. The sense of entitlement these dinosaurs display is sickening, while the chicken-shit coalition employs old world shite-talk about “protecting creativity” to justify the legislation – yet they have no problem simultaneously slashing arts budgets.

If it’s not ironic enough that the Minister for Research and Innovation got up the noses of Ireland’s digital economy, he also chose to ignore the protests of giants like Google over the stateside SOPA Act. How’s that for a jobs creation strategy?


  1. Leo Varadkar who promotes Thatcherism. haha about a dozen Youth Defense postered Cork & when they put up old standboards pictures of aborted babies, mothers & their children complained. So they called in American supporters. A counter-protest of 20 women, Socialists & LGBT activists circled the boards & gave out leaflets saying women should have information & choice. Youth Defense called in the Gardai who were about to move the pro-choice leafletters but when the Christians started to jump around & rapping, the Gardai told them to move on instead

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