#rabbleReels: A Joyful Slog On Vodo.net

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Vodo.net is a rather brilliant peer-to-peer network that has been allowing independent film makers reach out to large international audience for some time.

Dublin Community TV’s A Joyful Slog documentary has released their masterful manifesto for the Dublin indie scene there.

The great thing about Vodo is how it lets you throw some change the way of the film makers too. With the spin off TV series Community of Independents showing no signs of abating yet, the chaps could do with some funds no doubt.

If you are an independent film maker, don’t under estimate the this resource. The last DCTV project to be released on the platform called One Less Car has raked up over 8000 downloads…

Oh and you can see A Joyful Slog for free in the Lighthouse Cinema tomorrow at 2pm as part of the OneTwoOneTwo documentary music festival.


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