Israel bombs school with White Phosphorous in 2009

Biblical attack on Gaza ‘Planned months ago’

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Israel bombs school with White Phosphorous in 2009

Israel bombs school with white phosphorous in 2009

A four-year-old girl is amongst the first to die in a new Israeli attack.

‘Team of pyromaniacs want to cause war on the eve of elections’ says Meretz party official of Israeli govt – Netenyahu has expanded from attacks on Syria yesterday with a long-expected war ‘theatre’ ahead of January’s general election. Already reports claim this is the biggest attack on Gaza since the 2009 ‘Operation Cast Lead’ which saw 1400 Palestinians, about a third of those children and 9 Israelis die.

This is a major military attack on Gaza. Following a lull or proposed ceasefire by Hamas of the last 24 hours the Israelis attacked and killed the military leader of Hamas, Ahmed Jafri, (the elected govt of Gaza although one that is disapproved of by the Western allies) and have continued with air attacks throughout Gaza.

Israeli reports of massive explosions on up to twenty sites including police stations are flooding twitter at the moment. The Israeli officials have given this operation a biblical name, in the best tradition of paramilitary religious fanatics: “Pillar Of Defense” (in Hebrew, pillar of cloud) from Exodus 13:21: ‘God went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead them on the way’.

IDF spokespeople have warned this is ‘not a limited operation’, the IDF are ‘preparing for a ground operation’ and according to Israel’s Channel10’s analysts this operation was ‘planned months ago’.

News of deaths are rising from areas all over Gaza as well as reports of houses being bombed by Israeli jets. Twitter comments claim most injuries in Dar Ashifa are complete body burns which may hint  at the type of ordnance being used.

Support for the attack is garnering support on the IDF website as well as newspapers etc

IDF report

IDF report





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