Oi! Giz A Hand With Distro!

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Photo: Paul Reynolds

Howayiz. rabble #5 is winging it’s way into Dublin as we speak. Now it’s time to get rid of the fucker.

We’ve a developed a system of scatterers and distro hubs over the past few issues. A scatterer is someone that takes away bundles of the paper, and throws them to the wind – to their mates and around their hood.

A distro hub is somewhere we can leave multiple bundles of rabble in the hundreds for scatterers and individuals to pick up. A number of shops and social spaces like Twisted Pepper, Solidarity Books in Cork, Seomra Spraoi, Casa Rebelde etc have been really helpful in this regard.

So, we are looking for more distro hubs. Are you involved in a social centre? Union building? Artist studio? cafe? Pub? Club? Do you live in a party gaff? Run gigs? You could probably shift a few hundred rabble for us so!

Fill this form out here.

Believe us, you won’t be stuck with them!


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