The New Telly Isn’t Like The Old.

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DCTV's The Live Register

DCTV’s The Live Register

Dublin Community TV (DCTV) is proving it’s worth once more with a new series entitled The Live Register.

Last night saw the second episode , Life/Choice,  broach the difficult topic of abortion in Ireland, or the lack thereof. Through a very sad set of circumstances the programme was broadcast on the same evening that news broke of the death of Savita Halappanavar at University Hospital Galway following three days of extreme pain while miscarrying a 17-week foetus. Repeatedly her requests for termination were denied as hospital staff waited for a foetal heartbeat to stop. Savita died from septicemia two days later.

The programme features interviews with a young woman who has had the abortion procedure as well as experts and the opinionated from each side of the debate.

While RTÉ seems years away from this kind of personalised exploration of the controversial subject, and this programme won’t make your mind up for you, it is a very welcome departure to have such a fresh approach on our screens. The presenters and interviewers are relaxed and sympathetic, not burdened by the massive salaries and fear of the status quo that their more established media colleagues seem to struggle with.

Watch and decide for yourselves – remember if you want more select channel 802 on UPC or visit

The Live Register EP02 – Life/Choice from DCTV on Vimeo.



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