Harry Fear Livestreaming from Israel Invasion

*Breaking* Israel Ground Invasion of Gaza & Bethlehem begins

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Harry Fear Livestreaming from Israel Invasion

Harry Fear Livestreaming from Israel Invasion

Harry Fear, an independent documentary maker and activist is streaming live from a hotel in Gaza city.


He has reported that Israel has begun a ground invasion of Gaza and the West Bank… Airstrikes are ongoing throughout Gaza. Tanks have invaded Bethlehem and other areas of West Bank. Resistance fighters are engaging Tanks entering Gaza

Fear is livestreaming as explosions are heard from his hotel room. Watch live here : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/operation-pillar-of-cloud

Unfortunately they have lost power and the mobile and internet networks are being shut down so Harry Fear is offline.


  1. You can watch his stream live, he is in a hotel in west gaza city, multiple explosions north of the hotel, possibly a naval bombardment. rt.com is carrying live updates. IDF claim 70 ‘targeted’ air strikes against ‘underground rocket bases’ – UN confirms a UN Teacher was killed by an israeli bomb on his car.

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