Talk About Rubbing It In.

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Heroin Killed my Friends

Jon Bon Jovi’s young one overdoses on smack and gets arrested. Talk about rubbing it in.

“Bongiovi’s story made news because her father is a famous star, but thousands die every year without any attention at all. Accidental overdose has become a crisis New York and around the country as the number of overdose deaths from both legal and illegal drugs has skyrocketed; there are more accidental deaths from overdose than from car accidents. Families are being devastated by the loss of loved ones to preventable overdose deaths.”

NYC has a Good Samaritan law which clearly wasn’t implemented in this case.

Do we have a good Samaritan approach here? 10,000. That’s the number of lives saved in the US by administering naloxone, a a generic drug (sometimes called Narcan) that helps to reverse opioid overdose when administered via injection or intranasally. Ireland has the 3rd highest rate of death from overdose in the EU at 45 deaths per million (87 among 15- to 39-year-olds).

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