Ireland Murders Pregnant Indian Dentist

International Reaction to Savita

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Ireland Murders Pregnant Indian Dentist

Ireland Murders Pregnant Indian Dentist

Ireland is more used to favourable press than it is getting at the moment.

The soccer fans who were so well received in Poland, Arthur’s Day, Enda with his wooden head on the cover of TIME, Bono being a massive arse – all these things go down well with the forrins, while they leave us cringing like the miserable begrudgers we are.

However, the international hacks have been tearing us a new one in the last week following the news of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. Following is a selection of headlines and stories snipped from the international press. Interestingly the Christian or Catholic media has been critical of the decision not to carry out the abortion procedure whereas the right-wing media has blamed bureaucracy or denied that an abortion would have saved Savita’s life.

The likes of the hateful Jan Moir in the Daily Heil (Mail) and Fox News attempt to spin the story in a conservative light while some commentary in Catholic posts is much more enlightened, including this piece from Sam Rocha in .

We’ll leave the last word to Senator Ronan Mullen with his big virgin-looking head, on Al Jazeera making us look like a nation of tools – “sadly medicine is not an exact science”. Sake.




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