Boot camp for hate

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It would appear that Precious Life, the nordy cousin of Youth Defence, are organising a quasi-military training day up in Belfast. 

First off the imagery for this is pretty worrying. Hiding behind a play on the concept of ‘boot camp’ is a veiled suggestion of para-militarism

Khaki and army fatigues are pretty loaded imagery when associated with the pro-life movement globally. Violent attacks on abortion clinics, including the murder of personnel working there, have been part of the American movements repertoire for quite some time. Of course no one is saying Precious Life would do anything that is outside the parameters of the law. But the imagery they choose to use is ill-advised given the context.

So the fact that this event is happening in the Queens University, Student’s Union club rooms is pretty sickening. There is no mention on this poster that the event is being run in conjunction with the QUB Pro-Life Society. Which makes you wonder how exactly Precious Life booked the venue? Presumably it was through someone in the Pro-Life Society. Which then makes you ask the question does QUB and the SU know this event is even happening. And do they realise the loaded imagery and terminology being used to promote it?

The recent opening of the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast and the public calls for abortion rights in the Republic in the wake of Savita Halappanavar’s tragic death has heightened the stakes in the choice debate. These pressures may mean the anti-abortion movement wants to do more then lobby or leaflet. As the poster says it is a ‘pro-life revolution’. While the intention of this training day may be no more then extreme chanting you do wonder why it has to happen in our hallowed halls of education QUB.

If your angry or worried about this then here are the emails for the QUB SU President, Jason O’Neill,, the Welfare Officer, Joanne O’Neill, and the Equality Officer, Jessica Kirk,


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