Fr Jiggy

Fr.Jiggy Strikes Again

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Fr Jiggy

Fr Jiggy

Lunatic priest Neil Horan has made an appearance at the National Union of Students’ demo in central London.

The demo will be marked for other reasons too including the storming of the stage by some of a group of 150 while SU president Liam Burns was addressing the crowd.

Prior to his speech the crowd were chanting ‘NUS shame on you, where the fuck have you brought us to?’. If we excuse their use of the split-infinitive we can ask would this not be more appropriate at the next annual fun day out for irish students; you know the one with the march and the ‘Careful Now’ posters that comes before the next hike in student fees?

‘Fr.Jiggy’ has struck before at the British Grand Prix and the Olympic Marathon. He’s a big Israel supporter, natch.


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