Slaves in Dubai

Slaves to Love

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Slaves in Dubai

Slaves in Dubai

Today in the slavery capital of the middle-east an Irishman and his English girlfriend have been sentenced to three months in jail, deportation and a fine of over €600 each.

Their crime? Well on the word of a taxi driver with whom they had an argument over a fare, the couple are accused of having sex in the back of a taxi and being drunk.

Conor McRedmond from Tullamore and Rebecca Blake of Surrey are not the first of Dubai’s 90% expat population to fall foul of the UAE ‘justice’ system. Dubai is a savage country that enslaves thousands of foreign workers to build it’s Ozymandian works, (like the infamous World Islands so loved by the likes of David Beckham and Michael Owen), holding them in camps and feeding them peppers and water until many give up and die.

You can read more about the couple and other cases here . They can count themselves lucky they didn’t get something lopped off!


  1. Clerical law interfering with criminal law is not the sole reserve of Islamic states. We’ve had a good dose of it over here and throughout the ‘Christian’ world.

  2. Honestly i would even connect flights in Dubai. Lots of our medications over here are illegal in dubai and could see you imprisoned. Vote with your feet….dont go!

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