Foetal Attraction

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Foetal Attraction of Youth Defence

Foetal Attraction of Youth Defence

While our headline might not have been in the best taste, this article from issue 4 of our print mag deals with the timely issue of abortion legislation and has a look behind the scenes at Youth Defence.

We hope to see many of you at the Dáil this evening, the Jesus Army are down there already with their big virgin heads and two pairs of socks inside their sandals, threatening women with eternal damnation. Wrap up and see yiz in Buswells for a hot whiskey

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  1. further to this we had a sweet suggestion from Lisa Whelan to promote this short video that demos how to make a simple vigil candle-holder. It’s breezy and about minus 4 degrees at the moment so it may be better to bring firelogs but try this anyway, won’t take two minutes.

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