Protestors Blockade Dáil as Labour, FF & FG vote down Bill on X Case Legislation

How your TD voted tonight.

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Protestors Blockade Dáil as Labour, FF & FG vote down Bill on X Case Legislation

Protestors Blockade Dáil as Labour, FF & FG vote down Bill on X Case Legislation

There follows a complete list of TDs votes from tonight’s Bill for legislation on the X case.

Contact your local representative via the email addresses we supply below if they have not represented you.


Gerry Adams (SF) voted Yes James Bannon (FG) voted No Seán Barrett (Ceann Comhairle) was absent/abstained Tom Barry (FG) was absent/abstained Richard Boyd Barrett (ULA) voted Yes Pat Breen (FG) was absent/abstained Thomas P. Broughan (Ind (Lab)) voted Yes John Browne (FG) voted No Richard Bruton (FG) was absent/abstained Joan Burton (Lab) voted No Ray Butler (FG) voted No Jerry Buttimer (FG) voted No Catherine Byrne (FG) was absent/abstained Eric Byrne (Lab) voted No Dara Calleary (FF) voted No Ciarán Cannon (FG) was absent/abstained Joe Carey (FG) voted No Paudie Coffey (FG) voted No Niall Collins (FF) voted No Áine Collins (FG) voted No Joan Collins (ULA) voted Yes Michael Colreavy (SF) voted Yes Michael Conaghan (Lab) voted No Seán Conlan (FG) voted No Paul J. Connaughton (FG) voted No Ciara Conway (Lab) voted No Noel Coonan (FG) voted No Marcella Corcoran Kennedy (FG) voted No Joe Costello (Lab) was absent/abstained Simon Coveney (FG) voted No Barry Cowen (FG) voted No Michael Creed (FG) voted No Lucinda Creighton (FG) was absent/abstained Seán Crowe (SF) voted Yes Jim Daly (FG) voted No Clare Daly (ULA) voted Yes John Deasy (FG) was absent/abstained Jimmy Deenihan (FG) voted No Pat Deering (FG) voted No Regina Doherty (FG) voted No Pearse Doherty (SF) voted Yes Stephen S. Donnelly (Ind) voted Yes Paschal Donohoe (FG) voted No Timmy Dooley (FF) voted No Robert Dowds (Lab) voted No Andrew Doyle (FG) was absent/abstained Bernard J. Durkan (FG) voted No Dessie Ellis (SF) voted Yes Damien English (FG) voted No Alan Farrell (FG) voted No Frank Feighan (FG) voted No Martin Ferris (SF) voted Yes Anne Ferris (Lab) was absent/abstained Frances Fitzgerald (FG) voted No Peter Fitzpatrick (FG) voted No Charles Flanagan (FG) was absent/abstained Terence Flanagan (FG) voted No Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan (Ind) voted Yes Sean Fleming (FF) was absent/abstained Tom Fleming (Ind) was absent/abstained Eamon Gilmore (Lab) voted No Noel Grealish (Ind) was absent/abstained Brendan Griffin (FG) voted No John Halligan (Ind) voted Yes Dominic Hannigan (Lab) was absent/abstained Noel Harrington (FG) voted No Simon Harris (FG) voted No Brian Hayes (FG) voted No Tom Hayes (FG) was absent/abstained Seamus Healy (ULA) voted Yes Michael Healy-Rae (Ind) voted No Martin Heydon (FG) voted No Joe Higgins (ULA) voted Yes Phil Hogan (FG) was absent/abstained Brendan Howlin (Lab) was absent/abstained Heather Humphreys (FG) voted No Kevin Humphreys (Lab) voted No Derek Keating (FG) voted No Colm Keaveney (Lab) was absent/abstained Paul Kehoe (FG) voted No Billy Kelleher (FF) voted No Alan Kelly (Lab) voted No Enda Kenny (FG) was absent/abstained Seán Kenny (Lab) voted No Seamus Kirk (FG) voted No Michael P. Kitt (FF) voted No Seán Kyne (FG) voted No Anthony Lawlor (FG) voted No Michael Lowry (Ind) voted No Kathleen Lynch (Lab) voted No Ciarán Lynch (Lab) voted No John Lyons (Lab) voted No Pádraig Mac Lochlainn (SF) voted Yes Eamonn Maloney (Lab) voted No Micheál Martin (FF) was absent/abstained Peter Mathews (FG) voted No Michael McCarthy (Lab) was absent/abstained Charlie McConalogue (FF) voted No Mary Lou McDonald (SF) voted Yes Shane McEntee (FG) voted No Nicky McFadden (FG) voted No Dinny McGinley (FG) voted No Mattie McGrath (Ind) voted No Finian McGrath (Ind) was absent/abstained Michael McGrath (FG) voted No John McGuinness (FF) was absent/abstained Joe McHugh (FG) voted No Sandra McLellan (SF) voted Yes Tony McLoughlin (FG) voted No Michael McNamara (Lab) voted No Olivia Mitchell (FG) was absent/abstained Mary Mitchell O’Connor (FG) voted No Michael Moynihan (FF) voted No Michelle Mulherin (FG) voted No Dara Murphy (FG) voted No Eoghan Murphy (FG) voted No Catherine Murphy (Ind) voted Yes Gerald Nash (Lab) voted No Denis Naughten (Ind (FG)) was absent/abstained Dan Neville (FG) voted No Derek Nolan (Lab) was absent/abstained Michael Noonan (FG) voted No Patrick Nulty (Ind (Lab)) voted Yes Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin (SF) voted Yes Éamon Ó Cuív (FF) voted No Seán Ó Fearghaíl (FF) voted No Aodhán Ó Ríordáin (Lab) voted No Aengus Ó Snodaigh (SF) voted Yes Jonathan O’Brien (SF) voted Yes Willie O’Dea (FF) was absent/abstained Kieran O’Donnell (FG) voted No Patrick O’Donovan (FG) voted No Fergus O’Dowd (FG) was absent/abstained John O’Mahony (FG) was absent/abstained Joe O’Reilly (FG) voted No Jan O’Sullivan (Lab) was absent/abstained Maureen O’Sullivan (Ind) voted Yes Willie Penrose (Ind (Lab)) was absent/abstained John Perry (FG) was absent/abstained Ann Phelan (Lab) voted No John Paul Phelan (FG) voted No Thomas Pringle (Ind) voted Yes Ruairí Quinn (Lab) was absent/abstained Pat Rabbitte (Lab) voted No James Reilly (FG) voted No Michael Ring (FG) voted No Shane Ross (Ind) was absent/abstained Brendan Ryan (Lab) voted No Alan Shatter (FG) voted No Sean Sherlock (Lab) was absent/abstained Róisín Shortall (Ind (Lab)) voted No Brendan Smith (FF) voted No Arthur Spring (Lab) voted No Emmet Stagg (Lab) voted No Brian Stanley (SF) voted Yes David Stanton (FG) voted No Billy Timmins (FG) voted No Peadar Tóibín (SF) was absent/abstained Robert Troy (FG) was absent/abstained Joanna Tuffy (Lab) voted No Liam Twomey (FG) voted No Leo Varadkar (FG) voted No Jack Wall (Lab) voted No Mick Wallace (Ind) voted Yes Brian Walsh (FG) voted No Alex White (Lab) voted No Email Addresses for all TDs


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  1. the amount of wankers that abstained or were absent is disgusting

  2. Everyone needs to email their TD right now. It takes less than 5 minutes. Here’s my msg if you want to use it.

    I am prochoice, your vote against Clare Daly’s bill tonight did not represent me or my family. If you continue to fail to act to legislate, rather than just express sympathy I will never vote for you again.

    You must act now. We have waited long enough. The expert reports findings are clear, if you have not considered the findings, read it now and do so. I stayed up late into the night to read it, because my life depends on the action you take. So take it, do not let there be another X, another Savita, another Ms A, B or C, another Michelle Harte. These women are not exceptions, they are examples of systematic failure which you are perpetuating. Legislate now, and so not let political cowardice or religious doctrine prevent you from representing me or from legislating for life saving medical care.

  3. So all the FG and FF TD’s that voted toed the party line, which is not exactly a shocker, you would assume that those who abstained were not willing to do that… but perhaps that is giving them too much credit, they might just have been at home watching Neighbours.

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