Media Manipulation

Not What You Read In The Paper

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Media Manipulation

Media Manipulation

What are they not telling us? The Irish Times, Irish Independent and RTÉ have all managed to miss some latest Red C poll findings…strange ain’t it?

On the budget, 88% want a tax increase for those earning over €100k, and 67% said this should be done before other measures. Not a mention. Other RED C poll results are trumpeted or hidden away depending on each media’s agenda.

Fine Gael’s popularity dropped to 28% while Fianna Fáil’s rose to 20% – it doesn’t matter, they could have pictures of Bertie eating babies live on TV and you’ll still get the Fianna Fáil core vote.

On abortion, 85% want legislation for the X-Case including suicide, while 82% want it where the health, rather than the life, of the woman is at risk and also in cases of rape. Meanwhile Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil club together to ensure that 85% of you are ignored – at least until the next draft bill.

Up to 55% polled want public sector pay cut and two thirds would not cut social welfare, including child benefit and pensions. On the subject of pay, the ministers can’t pre-empt the budget so obviously there can’t be any definitive statements on what will or won’t appear…oh…oh no it seems on matters of national importance they can break with tradition, news just in… Public Expenditure Minister Brendan Howlin confirmed that the salaries of TDs, ministers and the Taoiseach will not be touched. He said the salaries of the Taoiseach, Tanaiste and ministers are €200,000, €184,405 and €169,275 respectively. Nice.

So 88% want a tax increase immediately on earners over €100,000 and two thirds don’t want any cut to social welfare, child benefit or pensions. Not what you read in the paper.
Read the Irish Times or Independent reports.


  1. Apart from F.F.G. Labour & the Shinners, 21% support for independents, Socialist & People Before Profit is a sizeable bloc

  2. Dunno how exactly this poll was conducted but I get the feeling that for the parties, they rang or stopped people on the street in a rush, usually around 1,000 across the country, with a plus or minus 3% margin of error

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