A Garda with a confiscated Palestinian Flag

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‘The right of the citizens to assemble peaceably and without arms.’ Article 40.6 Irish Constitution.

As your rabble roving reporter was walking down a drizzly Dame St. this evening Gardaí came running through traffic to intercept two men with Palestinian flags in front of Eddie Rockets, pulled them across the street where one of them was arrested and taken away in a Garda van.

A Garda with a confiscated Palestinian Flag

A Garda with a confiscated Palestinian Flag

100 yards further up the street pedestrians halted to watch a motorcade of Garda outriders and luxury coaches deliver this evening’s delegation for dinner with Hilary Clinton in Dublin Castle. Mrs.Clinton is a big fan of democratic rights, as we all know.

While recording the incident a tourist stopped to ask me why the men had been dragged from a pedestrian footpath. Why indeed? A press photographer across the road told me that the small group had gathered at the Central Bank to hold a demonstration and had been shepherded by Gardaí into the public square across from the Olympia and pushed away from Dublin Castle and City Hall.

Gardaí confiscated at least one Palestinian flag. (See photos) Apologies for poor quality video, it was an unexpected incident.


  1. AA said the protest had been called off, looks like the Gardai were getting them off the street.

  2. oops sorry didn’t realise they were outside Eddie Rockets…strange

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