New History Group For The Batter

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Just came across this over on Facebook. A new people’s history group being established for Smithfield and Stoneybatter. Some of us rabblers get all wet with any mention of people’s history.  

Who we are….

The aim of the Stoneybatter & Smithfield People’s History Project is to foster an interest in the local history of our area. We believe that history is a cultural resource that grows in the sharing. That by sharing the stories of the past we can support the development of communities and neighbourhoods in the present. 

Our interest is particularly in the stories of ordinary people living through extraordinary times and circumstances and how those stories can engage and inspire, through recognition and identification, the inhabitants of our neighbourhoods today. 

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One of the best known history from below group in these isles is Bristol’s Radical History group.  Worth keeping an eye on this effort in D7, with the explosion of interest in Dublin’s hidden histories over the past while, no doubt something interesting will come from the group. The appetite is out there at the moment.  I’ve always felt the city could do with a rash of fly pasting celebrating various white washed moments in our past. Very much akin to the Toronto Missing Plaque Project.






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