Have You No Home To Go To?

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What’s up dawg? Two rabblers were followed home today by this Cavalier King Charles.

Judging by the set of dreadlocks on him, I’d say he’s been on the streets some time. He picked up our scent on Blessington St, we couldn’t shake him. He’s fed and warm now but we’d like to reunite the lost soul with his owner. Or get him a new home or place of stay. He’s most friendly, and obeys the sit command.

Please share.


So ‘cos we care here in rabble HQ we bought him along to the vet. Yep, he is micro-chipped but his previous registered owner lost him four years ago and doesn’t want him back – so sad. His registered name was ‘Charlie’ but he doesn’t appear to remember that any more. He isn’t malnourished so someone must have been looking after him since although he is pretty dirty.

We’ve also discovered that he loves playing fetch and is big into the cuddles. He isn’t neutered which explains the whole trying to ride our neutered, male terrier. So we can’t keep the wee man otherwise we would.

The dog charites appear to not take in strays so the only other option we’d have is the pound and we are worried that they put dogs down after a while, so we don’t wanna put him in there.

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