Sunday Screen: Charles Haughey Parading

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Here’s an old documentary of Charles Haughey parading around Ireland like the top notch prick he was.

It’s a sure fire way to ruin that Sunday morning. We’d advise watching with extreme care.

This video nasty came to us via Conor McCabe. He had this to say on it.

“Charles Haughey’s documentary on how fabulously wealthy he was. Made in the 1980s it has Haughey flaunting his wealth while telling tall tales about the “spirit” of the Irish people. In the first 45 seconds Haughey is quite literally rescued by the Irish State”

Don’t worry folks, we’ll post up some proper viewing for those sozzled Sunday heads later on.


  1. Thanks – but I’ll still pass – the mere mention of that fucker’s name is enough to send me into a rage. Appreciate the offer though!

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