Colm Keaveney 404

Labour Chairman 404

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Colm Keaveney 404

Colm Keaveney 404


The Labour JobBridgers are quick off the mark it seems.

Within half an hour of Labour Chairperson Colm Keaveney voting against his party’s Budget, his signature page has been pulled from the site and all mention of him in Parliamentary Party webpages have also been removed.

Good work guys. Transparency in politics.

Update: The page has reappeared although there is no reference to Keaveney as Chairperson


  1. Labour ‘leftists’ like Nulty are wasting their time trying to convert the leadership who are more concrened for Fine Gael, they should either leave or join real left-wingers, bacause trying to sit on both sides of the fence in this day & age will not please everyone

  2. Looks like the ex-‘Workers Party’ dissidents of ‘Democratic Left’ are up to their stalinist-tactics of removing peiople from history

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