Flea Market Xmas Cracker

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Don’t write yourself off tonight, the flea markets last day is tomorrow. Buy mammy something nice.

There’s a flock of fixies out side the door, and a treasure trove of junk inside. This rabbler’s home safe and sound now, merry on mulled wine and half his Xmas shopping money spent on dancehall, reggae and house records that were going for a bargain. Definitely a top notch way to spent a Saturday. Fedayn was feeling fragile today after our Xmas drinks, but he promises us a slew of shots for the morning.  There’s a collection over on the Block T page to whet your appetite for now. We came across some really neat stuff.

Spuds.ie are selling “crisps with a conscience.” Would you believe some potatoes are dumped for being too ugly? Well, spuds.ie asks us to love them as they are. Crowzeye and Becycled have a wicked selection of jewelry made from various recycled odds and ends.  If you are into weird looking dolls, think of a strange mutation between salad fingers and the Garbage Pail kids then check out Grumptys and Littlebeetles  – too freaking cute. There’s a full on selection of ace tshirts, art prints and randomness too.

In short, lots of shit for the eyes to scan over. It won’t be too kind on the purse though, but it’s definitely a more enjoyable experience than trundling up and down the hell hole that is Henry St.

Oh and we left a tonne of rabble#5 at the entrance today. Help yourselves. Some of those family members might like it.

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