Obama as TIME's Person of the Year

Enda pipped at the post

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Obama as TIME's Person of the Year

Obama as TIME’s Person of the Year

Barack Obama has pipped Inda to the cover of Time for ‘Person of the Year’ 2012.

The incumbent President of the USA, who spent billions to beat a mormon nutjob who wouldn’t win a seat on Tipp county council has endeared himself to the far right (or ‘liberals’ as they are known in America).

Having already won the Nobel Peace Prize while bombing the shit out of most of the countries that appear in yellow on the globe, the prez  renowned in his homeland for his muslim, communist, atheist views has been quietly setting about countering the legalisation of marijuana laws voted for by the people of Colorado and Washington states.

In addition to representing the 7% of Americans who believe the ‘War on Drugs’ has not failed, good ol’ Obama has overseen the NDAA legislation which will allow the imprisonment without trial of American citizens, the building of a further 2 million prison places (many in desert camps), the commission of 30,000 drones for use in policing American cities, the militarisation of the police force, the continued detention of proven innocents in Guantanamo and the deaths of 178 children by drone attack in Pakistan and Yemen (neither country is at war with the USA).

Raise a glass!


  1. Enda got to where he is today just by hanging around long enough. His Time will come.

  2. whoever wrote this piece did a great job. It’s unfuckingbelievable that it’s come to this.At least it clearer than chlorinated water .

  3. Time Person of the year is the person “for better *or for worse*, …has done the most to influence the events of the year.”. Previous winners include: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Ayatollah Khomeini

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