What Is This? Beat Girl.

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Dublin’s never looked so exciting, the Workmans never so banging…

This shit has tonnes of views. Tonnes. Set in London, but filmed in Dublin – it comes with a PR package that looks like it was vomited up by one of those websites that sells Stock photography to Youth Defence.

Apparently it’s some sort of transmedia story telling gimmick, and there’s a few Youtube interviews with respected sorts like Donnacha Costello and an insight into Tonick radio, a Dublin pirate.

beActive is producing a new multi-platform series Beat Girl. The series features a young girl’s musical self-discovery, in the exciting world of DJing, on several platforms, including a Web and TV Series, books, text columns in DJ and Dance music oriented magazines, and iPhone/iPad applications.

Funny to see a project based in London, coming to Dublin to find whatever nightmare version of Ibiza framed, superstar DJ bullshit clubbing it’s reaching for.

Any guesses on the locations? I spotted The Rage Vinyl Store and The Workmans.


  1. shut the fuck up thats beat girl… she will beat ur family to a pulp…

  2. looks like a save the last dance for my generation, finally.

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