Raids Against London Clubs

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Shit, look at them go. This went unnoticed here, but the Met raided raided 2,487 venues in London on December 7th alone in a crack down on licensing laws.

A club called 93 Feet East was at the centre of the raids, a specialist in electronic music, 175 officers were involved in arresting ten people.

As the Stool Pigeon put it:

To clarify: that’s 20 officers and 1/9th of a helicopter per arrest.

The raids continued all weekend, in a 48 hour operation.

It’s grim up north it seems too. Norfolk police published a video on Youtube of an officer smashing up some sound gear. They issued a statement saying:

This shows once again that we will not tolerate raves in Norfolk. They can have a real impact on people living in rural communities and we will continue to crack down on those who commit these crimes.


The always wonderful History Is Made At Night blog is your one stop shop for tracking such crackdowns.


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