Pro Life Loo(ser) Posters.

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Who’s behind putting these disgusting anti-choice ads in the jacks?

Some thirsty rabblers braved  the Xmash jumper twats last night for tasty pints in O’Reillys. That cheapo place under Tara St station.

Last night while having a slash one of our lot noticed these really crude and sickening posters staring down from the wall. We’re not usually the sort to complain, but it was brought up with the staff – they reacted with genuine surprise. A while later the manager came up and made profuse apologies. He maintained a bar should remain neutral on these things.  He claimed he’d no idea how they got up there. That sometimes people actually come in and stick up their own posters in the perspex holders. Either that or it was the work of the marketing company Image Zoo.

We rang them up. They’d clearly been on the receiving end of similar phone calls before and they brushed us off, referring us back to Family and Life.

Image Zoo is one of those companies that makes its cash from sticking up posters in the jacks for people to write abuse one when having a shit. They don’t appear to be very good at their job, and have about 43 friends on Facebook and 17 on Twitter. They do have a large array of respectable clients, but things will probably get lonely for them if they continue to make money from dirty poster campaigns for reactionary bigots.

There has been some outrage from publicans that their pubs are being hijacked.  With the owner of several pubs in Cork telling one paper:

“These posters were hung up overnight by a third party which rents small frames in the loos to facilitate advertising. These went up without our knowledge or participation. It has always been my policy to keep political and other issues out of the public spaces that I run.”

Maybe let Image Zoo know how you feel. And if you see them in bars, complain to the staff. 


  1. Complain, complain, complain…and if that doesn’t get the right reaction a sharpie might have to make the point 😉

  2. These would have been prepared by an add agency…most likely an ambient/outdoor specialist or they just bought the space direct from the ad company.

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