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Bijou Apartment

While house prices are in freefall and the number of road deaths points to mass emigration of the under 35s it would be reasonable to expect low-cost rental properties both luxurious and plentiful in the capital.

However a quick poke around the usual suspect websites like Daft.ie brings forth a compendium of horror. Letting agents with all the scruples of a Fianna Fáil Director of Ethics are trying to let places that would give the set of Strumpet City a ring of authenticity. Tenement one bed ‘studio apartments’ with dirty mattresses squashed against ovens and cables over hobs, toilets you wouldn’t dip sheep in and descriptions that could win fiction awards.

It’s 2013 and we still have these throwbacks to the 1950s. Bare lightbulbs and the smell of rot and desperation coming through the photographs with obvious disregard for any kind of Health & Safety regulations. And all for the maximum Rent Allowance.

Shame on these tenement kings. We’d love to see some of our readers’ photos or hear your stories of rental hell. Conor McCabe blogged about these hellholes here


  1. A really damp dump of a gaf in Galway – I had a nice covering of moss on my window complete with slug!

  2. one place I had used old ten pence pieces for the shower, you had to ask in shops for them.

  3. One room divided into four literal bed-rooms, a hallway, and a bathroom. One window divided between each pair of bedrooms.

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  5. My onetime bedsit (ellesmere avenue) came equipped with shower & shower curtain beside kitchen opposite the bed. Luxury.

  6. Had human shite outside my bedroom window twice. First time landlord pretended to care on the phone but it sat there for 4-5 days after 2 phonecalls. The caretaker then arrived and proceeded to give out to my flat mate for not calling the landlord earlier about the shit! It happened again but it was cleaned up very quickly because the landlord was having a viewing later that day for a vacancy in the house. Prospective tenants certainly couldn’t see that!! When I called to tell him there’s obviously something wrong with the plumbing, he sent a plumber to pump out the drain and (I think) still intends for us to foot the bill!

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