Shatter Hypocrisy

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Alan Shatter with Israeli Ambassador Modai and wife Nurit Modai at event where protestors were assaulted and blocked from protesting


On this morning’s Pat Kenny Today programme on RTE Radio 1, Minister for Justice Alan Shatter spoke about the upcoming Loyalist march in Dublin. Following an unprompted verbal attack on republicanism Shatter went on to say that he expected that the marchers had every right to express themselves and the Gardaí would ensure this would happen

“I know that the gardaí will undertake any preparation necessary to ensure that if there is an event in Dublin the maximum possible is done to ensure the safety of any individuals who march. I would certainly hope other individuals would not opportunistically use this event to create problems on our streets.”

While the Loyalist demonstrators in Belfast have wreaked havoc, to the economy, to Northern Ireland’s hard-won new peaceful image and in terms of physical injuries mainly to PSNI members it seems Shatter is going to stand four square behind the LVF led anti-democratic marchers’ plan to bring their bigotry to Dublin and demand the removal of the Tricolour from Dáil Éireann.

This is all the more surprising giving Shatter’s recent history with peaceful protests in Dublin. On three occasions the Gardaí have broken with their tradition of peacefully monitoring IPSC & other pro-Palestinian demonstrations and most notably at an event sponsored by the Israeli Embassy which Shatter and Eamon Gilmore attended. On the moment that guests descended out of view at the event (in Filmbase at Temple Bar) the Gardaí moved en masse forcing the demonstrators down the street away from Filmbase knocking some to the ground. Similar scenes have occured subsequently, including an arrest caught on video by rabble of a man walking on Dame St with a Palestinian flag and a threatened arrest and actual assault of an AP photographer covering a pro-Israel demonstration at the Christmas lights ceremony in O’Connell St.

See photographs and video below :


Protestor arrested on way to Dublin Castle for Hilary Clinton’s visit here


  1. I wonder will Shatter dance like a funky chicken outside The Dáil when Frasier asks him to??

  2. 4:09 minutes into this video, Gardai on the 6th December last illegally force IPSC and IAWM protesters off Dame Street then kettle and prevent them from marching to Dublin Castle where the odious Hillary Clinton and 50 Foreign Secretaries from the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe are stuffing their faces.

  3. In this video, Gardai force IPSC protesters away from the outside of Filmbase – knocking down some of them in the process where, inside, Shatter and a simpering Gilmore are fraternising with the Israeli Ambassador at an Israeli Embassy hasbara event.

  4. These “people” – pro-Arab, pro-“Palestinian” protesters are actually a fascistoid mob, a rabble, a declassed prole criminal gang made up of a half-dozen demented lunatics, nothing else. Well done for the Garda! Viva Israel! Am Yisrael Chai!

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