Luke 'Ming' Flanagan & panel on Tonight TV3

Ming attacks Garda corruption

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Luke 'Ming' Flanagan & panel on Tonight TV3

Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan & panel on Tonight TV3

‘A vindictive action by, I believe, a corrupt police force’ – TD Luke Ming Flanagan gives his view of the leaking by Gardaí of TD Clare Daly’s arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Ming was appearing on the Tonight with Vincent Browne show on TV3, last night (Tuesday 29th Jan ’13). He went on to severely criticize the Ombudsman’s office and the system for investigating complaints against individual Gardaí.

Browne, after admitting it was ‘rough’ to criticize in light of the recent killing of Det.Adrian Donohue , agreed that there is corruption in the Gardaí and that the oversight is inadequate.

Watch it here from 30 mins on TV3’s 3Player


  1. Hasn’t Deputy Daly admitted driving after having a hot whiskey and that she made an illegal turn bringing herself to Garda attention? (And she has acknowledged the error of judgment and supports the road safety campaign of the gardai). If Ming has evidence of corruption he should go to a solicitor, the ombudsman or the minister.

  2. Everyone has evidence of garda corruption – see – the Ombudsman has intimidated victims on many occasions, as Ming knows from personal experience. The reason we know about Clare Daly’s arrest is because the Gardaí leaked it…meanwhile hundreds or even thousands of similar offenders have their arrests quashed. That is corruption.

  3. yes but Ming came across very badly last night and the other guests and Vinny quite rightly pointed out that on the eve of a Garda being buried after being shot on duty it was very bad form to be making wild sweeping allegations of the whole force being corrupt. I like Ming, we go back years, he is one of the good guys for sure but everytime he opened his mouth last night i cringed inside.

  4. why is the corruption of our police force have anything to do with one getting shot in the line of duty? very sad but no excuse nor reason

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