No communion for “culture of death” TDs!

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“As long as (a Catholic politican) continues to support legislation which fosters abortion or other intrinsic evils, then he should be refused holy communion.” So says Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke (pictured).

The Cardinal is one of the big frocks in the Vatican and had sent a raven to Hibernia with a message for the local bishops to “teach clearly in the matter” and should encourage his priests to make sure that the church’s discipline is observed, he added.

Speaking to the Catholic Voice ‘newspaper’ he also held forth on Savita Halappanavar’s death saying that even had she requested a termination for her unviable pregnancy, “Her request would not have made it right for the law to permit such an act, which is always and everywhere wrong,”

Welcome to the 14th century. Here are a selection of photographs of this dirty eejit.



  1. Gawd bless the Fuqtards, for they know not what century it is.

  2. Perfect example of why these bigots are “Anti-Choice”, not “Pro-Life”. And, for some reason, he doesn’t seem to think the abuse and deaths from the Sisters Of Mercy was worth them losing out on communion.

  3. This is outrageous, they can’t just hold their souls (if that’s what ya believe!) at ransom cos they are bringing in legislation at the request of the people! Why can’t they bother someone else? They’ve fucked us up enough!!

  4. Bryony Cameron The costume is an artefact of the Church it represents. It is not just someone in a bad suit or revealing shorts. It is manifest with meaning especially within its own organisation. It is like the pope’s mitre and therefore you can use it to discredit him because it represent an institution which has justified the the murdered and tortured of millions. And continues to condom millions to death in Africa by refusing to recognise the use of condoms in preventing the spread of AIDS.

  5. Good point Cabbage, it is more than just a dress. Still, like you say, there’s so much there to highlight so is simply ridiculing his clothes kind of an easy option that detracts from the main issue and potentially adds to the stigma surrounding dressing differently?

  6. I’d say smart witty headlines are important for drawing readers in.

    rabble (and I am involved) is quite clear in its support of the LGBTQ community, and also in calling into question normative assumptions about how people should behave and appear in general. So I’d probably focus on the main issue here and save my arguments about ridiculing peoples appearances for those that do it with the intent to stigmatise, undermine and subordinate.

  7. Bryony and cabbage, the flippant aside in our report is just that, don’t let it distract from the meat of the article. An Irish-American fundamentalist based in the Vatican (complicit as they are in the most abhorrent crimes on the women and children of this country) is ordering his minions to vilify our politicians that consider representing the vast majority of their constituents. The fact that he looks like a tool is a side issue. We all agree.

  8. Is anyone listening to 4fm on which the host is backing up Kenny and arguing that the survivors don’t deserve compensation? He’s rationalising everything they went through on the grounds that no one knew any better at the time and it was the same thing as corporal punishment. The way he addressed a woman who had been in a laundry was the worst thing I have ever heard on the radio. He was openly contemptuous and said it was about the money for her.

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  10. You know what they call being kicked out of the priesthood your bishopness ? Yup, defrocking. Taking back the dress. Gobshite.

  11. That’s the great thing about Catholicism – it’s very vague and no-one knows what its really all about.

  12. Aww isn’t that nice from a man in a nice red frock and a lovely new hat

  13. I guess wearing a lampshade on your head is acceptable, he looks like the queen mother.

  14. How about a politician that fosters invasions, drone atacs and all that evil, wait, thats the same evil as that red clown. Problem?

  15. To clarify, in the 14th Century, the widespread belief was that abortion was acceptable until the ‘quickening’; when the child could be felt moving in the womb, about 14 -20 weeks. Before this period, midwives routinely practised herbal concoctions that would induce terminations. This fella’s theories date from round about the creation of the Happy Meal in McDonalds.

  16. Is that why cardinals, a man only club, wear red dresses

  17. You need some bollixs to come out in a dress like that and talk shite.

  18. When are people gonna just look at these guys and go “hey man, you’re just weird”! They are all demented talking about what their imaginary best friend wants!

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