Pirate Powered.

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Before downloads and smartphones, back when club culture looked forward and the Celtic Tiger was roaring drunk after a rugby match in Temple Bar, you had to get your musical fix by tuning into stations like Power Fm.

This short profile is taken from Sampler, a short lived (but loved) sort of counter-cultural collage show on Bog 2. It gained some notoriety for broadcasting footage from the RTS riots. And of course, you have seen the Culchie Control Platform sketch?

Power FM hasn’t gone away you know, and it’s still broadcasting online at Powerfm.org. Download their smart phone app here. Word on the street is Raidio Na Life, an almost heir apparent to the beat laden Power legacy just released an app too.

Thanks to Dr Grove for the hat tip.


  1. Wow. Nice find. That was the mankiest of all the power fm studios. Above the upholsterer at the Capel end of Parnell St. Good memories.

  2. That basement was like something out of silence of the lambs, and the staff downstairs were the original family from the hills have eyes.

  3. It’s already on record that I used to piss in the sink outside the studio door so that I wouldn’t have to use the jacks in the dungeon downstairs.

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