An Italo Sunday Session!

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Feeling like a bop to some thrashy italo on a Sunday? You could fare worse than trundling down to this.

The Odessa Club might smack of Celtic Tiger z-celebrity excess, but they’ve downplayed their game in recent years. So, don’t be  put off by whatever memories might linger from those horrible days, the place has a class drinking terrace and seems to tolerate more belligerence than before.  The cocktails were damn cheap the last time we checked too.

El Capos Forza Italo have a decent track record between them in terms of quality nights, with this Sunday session becoming a highlight on a clubbing scene that sometimes feels like its just chugging for survival. They’ve made a habit of dishing up some top notch film fare before the gigs, with recent furoes into giallo horrors like Don’t Torture A Duckling or screenings of classic Italian footie matches.

We had Kenny Hanlon take a look at italo in Dublin for our second issue, so have a read of that if you are feeling genre muddled. There’s some links and mixes thrown in after the jump for good measure.


I-f – Mixed Up In The Hague Vol.1 by Intergalacticfm on Mixcloud

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