The Life House

Choose. Life.

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The Life House

The Life House

The main photo was taken tonight at the Life House on Capel St. in Dublin. It features pages from this evening’s Evening Herald which carries the leaked report on the death of Savita Halappanavar.

The Life House is situated on possibly the most contradictory corner in any European capital. The Life House itself on the corner of Capel and Parnell St in distinctive red and white represents numerous, supposedly different pro-life /Catholic/ fundamentalist/ American groups. Immediately across Parnell St is the Black Sheep pub, a watering hole for the hip and happening scene. While the Leftists and Hipsters are sinking their pints of Trouble Brewing Ór and Galway Hooker the special ones touched by Jesus can look out their windows to the left and see the Outhouse on Capel St.

The Outhouse is the home of LGBT support in Dublin and more info is available here. As though the Panti-bar down the street and the adult sex shops weren’t provocative enough.

But it doesn’t end with gays and lefties…Jaysus ye really have to feel sorry for the poor feckers as their mad googly eyes swing to the right and they take in the office of Republican Sinn Féin and bleedin CineWorld with all it’s filth.

The corner of Sodom and Gomorrah it should be called.

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